Big Sur International Marathon® Partners With Outside Interactive to Create a Digital Race Experience


Big Sur International Marathon® Partners With Outside Interactive to Create a Digital Race Experience

November 3rd, 2014

Race day filming of the Half Marathon on Monterey Bay and Pacific Grove Lighthouse 5K will allow runners to interactively experience the race courses at their own pace, learn the courses ahead of time, compete virtually with family and friends, or just relive the experience, all with their iPad or tablet, right on any treadmill.

Hopkinton, MA (November 3rd, 2014) – Outside Interactive, a Hopkinton, MA based developer of forward motion video technology for indoor exercising, today announced it is partnering with the iconic Big Sur International Marathon to create a virtual race-day experience for its Half Marathon on Monterey Bay and Pacific Grove Lighthouse 5K, which will enable runners to relive the excitement of the day, train on the famous courses prior to race day, and even compete remotely no matter where they are in the world, at their own pace on their own treadmill.

Exclusive footage will be shot the morning of this year’s races on November 15th and 16th, immediately prior to the live event. Footage is shot from a runner’s point of view to produce a high-definition video that allows viewers to interactively run the virtual race course with their iPad® or tablet device – with cheering spectators lining the roads – when inclement weather, travel, or deployment prevent being on the course itself.

“The races of the Big Sur International Marathon organization present some of the most beautiful courses in the country, if not the world,” said Gary McNamee, President and Founder of Outside Interactive ( “We hope to capture all the electricity and excitement of race day, along with the natural beauty of the courses, so runners can be engaged and entertained when running on their treadmill the other 364 days of the year. From the competitive athlete who wants an edge, to new runners competing in their first half marathon or 5K, we hope our Virtual Runner interactive race course videos will also aid in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.”

“We are excited to be able to showcase our beautiful courses to current and future participants through Outside Interactive,” said Doug Thurston, race director of the Half Marathon on Monterey Bay. “This should be a great way for technology to aid in training or remote participation.”

Through the use of its state-of-the-art cameras, filming, and editing techniques, the HD virtual-course videos, shot from the runner’s point of view, are made interactive to the runner’s pace through its use with Outside Interactive’s free downloadable app called “Virtual Runner,” available for Windows, iPad and soon to be released on the Android platform. For an immersive experience, all versions are compatible with footpod and heart rate monitor accessories utilizing ANT+™ wireless technology, which automatically and accurately drive the pace of Virtual Runner course videos. The iPad and Android apps also allow for manual adjustment of the video speed to match the runner’s pace by minutes per mile or kilometer.

“I’m happy to have been able to bring Outside Interactive together with the Big Sur International Marathon,” stated Michael Wardian, elite distance runner and brand ambassador for Outside Interactive. “Having successfully tackled their full marathon, this technology should definitely give me a leg up when I’m on the treadmill, training on the virtual course for their Half Marathon at Monterey Bay.” “The interactive race course videos will be available to purchase and download on the Big Sur International Marathon website ( ) and the Outside Interactive website ( ) just in time for the holidays and New Year’s Resolutions,” stated McNamee. “We hope it offers a great gift idea to the runner in people’s lives to make treadmill running more engaging and fun.”

A brief demonstration can be found here: Virtual Runner Page. Samples of various race courses, popular running routes and scenic destinations can be found at

About: Outside Interactive is a Hopkinton, MA developer of Virtual Runner, revolutionary patent-pending forward motion technology solutions featuring famous race courses, popular running routes and scenic destinations, all shot in HD from a runner’s point of view. Founded in 2011 by Gary McNamee, a lifelong Boston resident, avid runner and serial entrepreneur, Gary developed Virtual Runner after becoming bored on the treadmill and frustrated with not being able to train properly in New England’s unpredictable and often harsh weather. For more information, visit or find Outside Interactive on Facebook and Twitter

About: The Big Sur International Marathon is a non-profit organization which coordinates the namesake annual spring marathon, now in its 30th year and widely considered to be one of the world’s top destination races. Other signature programs of the Big Sur International Marathon include the scenic Half Marathon on Monterey Bay; the community-oriented 5K/2K Run in the Name of Love tribute run; and the award-winning JUST RUN!® youth fitness program. The mission of the Big Sur International Marathon is to raise funds for local non-profit organizations and to engage in health and wellness opportunities in the local community. For more information, visit