Framingham to Wellesley Trailer

Part 2: Mile 7 to Mile 14 (Framingham to Wellesley) Trailer

This video takes the user on a 7 mile run from Framingham, Massachusetts to Wellesley – the second of four parts on the way to beautiful downtown Boston. Along the way, the viewer can experience the many cities and towns with their local New England charm and famous landmarks. Track your progress with mile markers embedded into the video. Feel like doing a hill workout? Begin your run at mile 16 into the Newton Hills. Elevation prompts in this section will tell you when to raise and lower your treadmill’s incline and by how much. Enjoy the natural sounds when the video was created or simply select the DVD’s mute feature and listen to your own music. Whether it be a a training tool to learn the course and its landmarks, a souvenir or simply a great gift idea, this video will be a natural compliment to all your treadmill runs.

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